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mineral magnetico separador

  • Magnetic Separators Metallurgist & Mineral Processing ...

    Magnetic Separators Application in Mineral Industry. One of the oldest tools used in mineral concentrating is the magnetic separator. Virtually every mineral handling system has need for some type of magnetic equipment in two types of basic usage. Equipment protection through tramp iron removal.

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  • Magnetic Separators For Mineral Process Bunting Redditch

    Magnetic separators can be found in most mineral processing operations, especially those processing non metallic minerals and magnetic ores. This article investigates the use of high intensity magnetic separators and magnetic separation equipment in the minerals sector with a focus on processing dry materials (in the 15mm, +45 micron size range).

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    Mineral particles are introduced into the upper end of the chute and slide toward the lower end. Those with higher magnetic susceptibility move toward the side of the chute where the pole gap is narrow and the magnetic flux the greatest. The separator is mounted so that it can be rotated both in the direction of grain movement (slope) and in a direction normal to the direction of grain movement (tilt).

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